The final stretch…

So, returning to Sheffield for the last week of freshers is a not altogether good experience. It’s sad to think you will never be a ‘fresher’ again, and reflecting on the (granted, hazy) memories, you realise how much you’ll miss it. Because from this moment on, everything is actually serious. ‘Just passes’ aren’t acceptable anymore, you have to actually surpass it (if you’re aiming for a good degree, anyway). The lectures and seminars become more important. You’ll be living in an actual, fully-fledged, grown up, house! Long gone will be being awoken at three in the morning from blazing music and drunk students marching through the courtyards.

You start to think of all the new students that will enjoy the perks of being a fresher, and already feel envy, even though you still are technically a fresher.

With exams looming, the panic sets in and the number of students enjoying the night life decreases. But, there is always next year, and the year after, and the year after to party. For now, exams come top of the importance rank. Talking to friends at Sheffield Hallam, some are clearly burdened with more exams than some. For example, I only have one exam. Others have seven, one every other day. But this is just one of the more negative consequences of being a student, stressful examination periods. This, along with tuition fees, money worries, deadlines, etc. But as previously acknowledged, in my eyes this is vastly outweighed by the definite pro’s of being a university students. The amazing friends you will make, the fun times you will enjoy, the money you will waste but grow to appreciate, the independence you will achieve and so much more. If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not, my vote is a 100% yes, as you will not regret nor look back on the choice. Granted, the fees are going up to a ridiculous new level, but at the end of the day, it is only money. In return you will get a great life time experience and lasting memories for years to come.


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