Silver lining? Maybe.

Even though I have only just almost finished my first year of Sheffield Hallam university, the worry of what next? always looms. The conventional conversation always follows the same pattern. “Ooh, what university are you at?”, “What course are you doing, enjoying it?”, and then the biggy – “What do you want to do after?”.

The truth is, I don’t know. Nor do most people my age. Nor do most people older than me! Some take twenty years to figure their vocation. Unfortunately, by this time, their vocational job may not be an option. It is widely known and recognised that the job market is not exactly ideal. With university places and jobs being cut, people being made redundant, there is a limited crevice for career opportunities.

Despite this, recent reports convey that the government are trying to encourage graduates to apply for jobs concerning the European Union. Judging by the illustration of the incentive, the perks of the job are definitely there: a starting salary of possibly £50,000; accommodation in an overseas location; a say in decisions that could affect the world, and more.

Although diminishing a few post-graduate’s concerns for their future with the offer and encouragement of a satisfying job, this also raises a few enigmas about today’s society. Why are so many people claiming benefits when there is encouragement and support emitting from the government with such enthusiasm?

Furthermore, Emmetts law firm have just announced a 500% increase in their employment. Yes, this is a specific niche of vocation and skill, but surely if places like these are offering more opportunities then 1), the job market must be improving and 2), there is a decreasing reason for not getting, or at least applying for jobs of recent times.

So although I stress and worry about the big ‘what next‘ question, with these opportunities around now, I assure myself with the idea that in two or three years time, not only will these possibilities still be around, but so will better ones. Fingers crossed.

If there’s anyone reading this worrying about the same big Q as me, click the hyperlink here or on the ‘what next’ or ‘what do you want to do after’ for help. Although after you read this/I wrote this, there’s a feel of reassurance! Phew!


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