A ridiculous concept!!

Ed Miliband has recently said that ‘reckless’ tuition fee increases could result in 36,000 less university places for future students.

Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party.

Ironically, Miliband – the leader of the labour party – heads the party that actually initially introduced the tuition fees years ago. With the proposed cuts with the expected average fees of £8,500 per year is likely to create funding shortfall of up to £450million in 2014/15 meaning university places will be cut.

Although accused by a rival party member of making up numbers, it is unclear of what Miliband is speaking the truth of. With 2/3’s of universities set to charge the full amount of the raised university fees as of next year, where is the logic? What is the government going to gain by cutting places and rising fees?… More people on benefits? More young people struggling for a rewarding career, whilst missing out on amazing opportunities?

It is hard to see the benefits of this change. As yet, all the government have told us is their propositions of charging higher prices and cutting places, which adds up as a not altogether positive onlook. Where are promises of a better, more rewarding, glittering future as a result of these in- and de-creases? Maybe the concept would be more justified, if along with “tuition fees to be raised by three times”, there was also a positive statement in the equation. “It will be worth while”. “You will reap the benefits”. “This will definitely work out in your favour, students”.

Forgive me if i’ve missed something, but so far i’ve not heard anything like this proposed to us in the mix of mayhem?


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