It’s Easter!

So as year one, freshers, an era ends, it’s strange to reflect on how much life has changed since September. From not knowing how long to boil an egg for, some could say I have come on a long way. Living on your own is tough at times but overall seriously rewarding, you get to learn more about yourself plus become substantially more independent.

I resided at Exchange Works in Sheffield. When being taking around early last year (’10), they were described as the renowned ‘party flats’, which they definitely lived up to. Being woke up at 3am by blaring music echoing around the court yards was not one of my favourite reasons to live at Exchange, unless of course it was us conducting the blaring of music. Nevertheless, living there was definitely worth a few interrupted sleeping patterns. Although I’ll be returning for an undecided time, it’s sad to think i’ll never be properly living there again, unless of course I return in future years! It’s a perfect location and the main reason i’m so glad I chose there was the people I met.

Granted, university is mainly designed for a further education achievement. But following closely behind it is the long life friends you will get in return and amazing, funny and admirable stories to share with your home friends and (perhaps) family. Living on your own, never mind other people, is daunting and at first seriously scary. But once you’ve got your foot in the door and acquired some (amazing) friends, you’ll never look back, apart from the occasional bout of homesickness from time to time.

Overall, student life in Sheffield is one to be envied by others and seriously considered, if not chosen, by people on the fence of where to go. Although it is not for everyone, a big big majority would definitely agree with me in saying student life in Sheffield is amazing!

Friends from Sheff Hallam!


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