Our very own Hallam’s varsity victory.

Prevailing a demanding and close competitive array of sporting fixtures, Sheffield Hallam University were crowned the winners for the tenth time, defeating Sheffield University.

Credit where it is due, however, the score peaked at 30-31, a nail-bitingly close finish. varsity is an annual sporting contest between Sheffield’s two universities. It was the closest-run competition in the tournament’s history, with only one point separating the two rival teams.

The result came about over a period of eight days, ending in the men and women’s football finals, officiated by Howard Webb, a world cup referee.

Hallam Union sports officer Colan Leung said: “This event brings both universities’ sports teams together in a unique way and it gets bigger and better every year. The students have worked hard all year round, and they deserve to end the year on a high by winning the Varsity trophy for the tenth time on the 15th Anniversary.

“Varsity is about providing an opportunity for all students to get involved, and I praise everyone that took part, either by competing, spectating or organising the competition. We couldn’t have done this without the Sports Committee, Varsity volunteers, Hallam Union, Sport Hallam and most importantly the students.”

Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield students celebrated the achievements well into the night, the final venue ending at established nightclub, Embrace.

University of Sheffield captain Grant Ashby, assistant referee David Hayes, referee Howard Webb, assistant referee Gabriel Siles-Bruge, Sheffield Hallam Captain Darren Norman at Hillsborough Stadium.


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