So this is my first ever shiny new blog. I’ve set this up for university course purposes so bare with me if i’m abit slow on the uptake of how to navigate this..

I’ve chosen to blog about student life, in general and sometimes specifically Sheffield life if anything comes about of interest! I started Sheffield Hallam Uni September ’10, so i’ve been residing here for the past 7 months in one of the accomodation sights in the bang-smack-heart of the city. As a result, there is no shortage of journalistic material flying around (I am doing a BA in journalism!). As well as this, I stay in one of the more populated accomodations of Hallam and can therefore (hopefully!) provide an informative, exciting and interesting debate on student life!

Thought it was best to provide a little introduction about what i’m doing before throwing myself into this. Enjoy reading! x


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